Mr. Samuel Oppong is the Chief Executive Officer of S-Class Services Ltd. He is an Auto-mobile engineer, trained in Germany. He has worked 5 years with the US-Army in Germany, where he carried out repairs and servicing of military vehicles. Mr. Oppong also trained and worked with international companies like Bosh and Mercedes Benz companies in Germany. Here his main job was vehicle examination with ultra modern drive-through test machines. He is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the company. Mr. Oppong makes sure that the company stays in business every time. He is responsible for the job creation of the company, and forms the basic partner for project evaluation and monitoring. This gives the hint that he is the main initiator of the vehicle examination project of S-Class Services Ltd. Mr. Oppong also owns the SAMOP Company Ltd, an import and export company. He is the deputy managing director of VITARA HOTEL Ltd