Moto Bike Testing

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Moto Bike Testing

Available to those aged 21–23 years of age via completion of the A2 licence and waiting two years whereupon they will then become eligible to take the Moto bike testing. Or directly available to those over 24 years of age upon passing the Moto bike testing. Successful completion of this test allows the licence holder to ride any motorcycle of any engine size with no power restrictions.
All Moto bike testing must be completed on motorcycles relevant to the engine size and power restrictions of the licence being applied for.
The Module 1 and 2 tests are identical for all licencing categories, the only difference being the vehicle that must be used in each Moto bike testing and, for AM, the speed required in certain maneovures. All Moto bike Testing may be completed on either geared or motorcycles. Completion of the tests on geared motorcycles allows the licence holder to ride either geared or automatic bikes, whereas completion of the test on automatic bikes restricts the licence holder to automatic motorcycles only.

Why Moto Bike Testing

Pillion entitlement and Moto bike testing access are also gained upon successful completion of any of the four licence categories.
DVSA publishes Moto bike testing which explains the options for different classes of motorcycle licence at different ages.

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