As stated in the letter of expression of interest, S-Class initiated the comprehensive vehicle examination project and sought the approval of the DVLA long before the year 2000. However, only a small portion was approved as a joint project between the DVLA and S-Class Services ltd. This portion which was approved by the Board of Directors of DVLA authorities was commenced on the 13th of November 2003. S-Class was responsible to carry out the project totally and responsible to carry out the project totally and report to the DVLA authorities. This was done successfully by S-Class services ltd.

Despite the various difficulties S-Class faced, over 150,000 vehicles were examined yearly. Apart from this S-Class services ltd succeeded through this project to sensitize the general public on the need to really examine ones vehicle regularly, and at a cost before sending the vehicle into the street. S-Class services ltd has therefore succeeded in creating the awareness before a Roadworthiness Certificate is issued